PLEASE READ THIS PRIVACY NOTICE CAREFULLY AND REFER TO CLC’s LEGAL NOTICE FOR DEFINITIONS AND GENERAL INFORMATION. CLC is committed to the privacy and protection of Users’ Personal Information collected through this Site in compliance with the Privacy Act (the “Act”). This Online Privacy Statement (this “Statement”) provides the guiding principles applied by CLC to the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of and access to Personal Information on this Site. Since privacy-related issues and requirements are subject to constant change, CLC reserves the right to amend this Statement at any time without notice, and Users are encouraged to review it regularly. ACCESS TO AND USE OF THIS SITE ARE ALSO GOVERNED BY THE LEGAL NOTICE, WHICH CONTAINS PROVISIONS CONCERNING PRIVACY AND OTHER ISSUES THAT YOU, AS A USER, SHOULD REVIEW.

Guiding Principles.  
CLC is responsible for Personal Information under its control. This Statement relating to Personal Information rests upon eight key principles:

  1. Identifying the purpose for the Personal Information;
  2. Obtaining consent for the Personal Information;
  3. Limiting the collection of the Personal Information;
  4. Limiting the use, disclosure and retention of the Personal Information;
  5. Ensuring accuracy of the Personal Information;
  6. Ensuring safeguards for the Personal Information;
  7. Responding to enquiries; and
  8. Complying with law and practices.

1. Identifying Purpose.  
The collection of Personal Information through CLC’s Site is for the following purposes:

(a) to establish and maintain responsible commercial relations with Users and improve CLC’s ongoing communications with them;
(b) to understand Users’ needs; or
(c) to manage and develop CLC’s businesses and operations.

Users provide their Personal Information through the Site by one of three ways: by sharing their name and e-mail address when registering through the “Contact Us” page at any CLC Site; by voluntarily submitting their inquiries through the “Contact Us” page at any CLC Site; or by voluntarily submitting information to CLC through e-mail or by paper form requesting to include their name and e-mail address to CLC’s distribution or mailing list.

2. Obtaining Consent.  
Consent for the collection of Personal Information by CLC is not required by the Privacy Act. CLC will, however, seek consent from Users by utilizing a double opt-in procedure through CLC’s Site.  When subscribing to the Site or requesting information about CLC, Users will be required to complete a form. This double opt-in procedure ensures that CLC has the correct contact information of the Users and that Users have provided their confirmation and given their consent to the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of and access to their Personal Information. Users may withdraw their consent at any time by simply clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email newsletter or other form of communication from CLC.

3. Limiting Collection.  
CLC shall collect only Personal Information that relates directly to its operating programs or activities and shall collect such information using fair and lawful means. CLC does not share, rent or sell Users’ Personal Information with third party vendors.  CLC’s Sites may contain links or hyperlinks to non-CLC-owned or operated websites. When Users click on one of those links, they will leave the CLC Site and enter a third party’s website. CLC has no control over such other websites and is not responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of and access to Users’ Personal Information that is gathered on such other websites or for the use of cookies or other tracking devices. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of such other websites.

A. Blogs.
The blog site on CLC’s Site is powered by WordPress  and has limited interaction with Users, as follows: (i) the blog site has User interaction (like comments on a blog) but does not involve collaboration on a project (like community generated software or content); (ii) the blog site does not offer user accounts to Users; (iii) there are no commercial transactions on the blog site; and (iv) there is no data exchange using third-party application programming interfaces (APIs) like OpenID (for more information about WordPress and its Privacy Policy, visit

B. Accessibility. 
CLC’s partnership with eSSENTIAL Accessibility Inc. is an effort to provide easy access to our Sites for those Users with physical disabilities. eSSENTIAL Accessibility Inc. may use cookies and collect Personal Information about Users before its product or services may be accessed by Users (for more information about eSSENTIAL  Accessibility Inc. and its Privacy Policy, visit

C. Cookies. 
By accessing CLC’s Site, Users consent to the use of cookies and agree to have their browser set to accept cookies. If Users want to access the Site but don’t agree to receive cookies, Users may do so by modifying the preferences of their browser.  However, by not accepting cookies, Users may not be able to access or use all the features of the Site.

4. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention.
CLC will not disclose Personal Information without Users’ knowledge and consent, unless required by law. CLC will retain and dispose of Personal Information in accordance with CLC’s retention and disposal procedures, its internal records management, and with applicable law.

5. Ensuring Accuracy.
When subscribing or requesting more information on any CLC Site, Users acknowledge that the Personal Information they provide must be correct and current.

6. Ensuring Safeguards. 
Personal Information under the control of CLC is kept in confidence and protected with measures that are appropriate to the sensitivity of such information. CLC is committed to ensuring that Personal Information is protected from loss, unauthorized access, copying, use, modification or theft and that protection is provided in accordance with industry standard security practices and with CLC’s procedures in respect thereof.

7. Responding to Enquiries.
Each government institution or Crown agency that is subject to the Act has an official performing the duties of a Privacy Coordinator. At CLC, the Privacy Coordinator is the Corporate Secretary. All requests made under the Act and received by any CLC office must be forwarded to the Corporate Secretary for processing. Enquiries related to this Statement or CLC’s privacy practices must be directed to:

Canada Lands Company CLC Limited
1 University Avenue, Suite 1200
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2P1
Attention:  Corporate Secretary/Privacy Coordinator
Fax:  416-952-6164

8. Complying with Law and Practices. 
Any User who wishes to make an inquiry or challenge the compliance or practices of CLC may do so through the Corporate Secretary, in writing. On receipt of a written inquiry or challenge, the Corporate Secretary will document the inquiry or challenge, conduct an investigation as necessary, and respond to the User. Should it be determined that CLC did not comply with this Statement or with provisions of the Privacy Act or Access to Information Act, a remedial action will be included in the response. If required, Users may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.